DROCON Wi-Fi Fpv Version Drocon Cyclone X708w

DROCON Wi-Fi Fpv Version Drocon Cyclone X708w / First Drone For Beginners Series Training Quadcopter With 720p Camera Equipped With Headless Mode One Key Return Easy Operation

If you’re looking for a drone, you’ve come to the right place. Drones can be obnoxiously expensive, and no one wants to be stuck with an expensive drone that doesn’t get the job done. Not only is that frustrating, but it is also a colossal waste of money. There are some great budget drones out there, and this DROCON one is by far one of them. It is perfect for beginners, which is really all I needed. It also comes with some expensive features like a built in camera that I was pleasantly surprised with. While this won’t be the drone of your dreams, it is still a great drone for the price. At just $59.99, you can expect that this is going to be a nice beginner drone.

Best Features

Like mentioned above, this drone is perfect for the beginner. It has everything you need, and it is equipped with some awesome features that helps you to learn how to fly. The first feature is the wifi transmission and camera. You can pair with your app so you can see exactly where you are flying as you go. The camera is full 720p, so you can expect that your video footage will be off the charts. One of my favorite features is the one touch return. Basically, you will never lose another drone again. All you do is press a button and it will fly straight back to you, it is perfect for beginners! The drone is also headless, so it is much easier to fly than traditional drones.

What’s Included

– 1×Cyclone X708W Quadcopter.

– 1×Controller.

– 1×Phone Supporter.

– 1×USB Charger.

– 1×Lipo Battery.

– 4×Propeller Protector (4pcs/1 set).

– 4×Spare Propellers (4pcs/1 set).

– 1×Screw Driver.

– 1x Product Manual.

– Warranty: 1 year.

  • This drone is a great price at only $59.99. I think it is well worth it. While it isn’t the most expensive drone out there, it also isn’t the cheapest. The fact that it comes with a camera at such a good price is what sold me. When it came, I was really impressed with the quality construction and the look of the final product. It looks very sleek, and it impressed me immediately. I like the features it has, but I especially like the return to me in one button feature. It has helped me multiple times I am embarrassed to admit.
  • Nothing too big, but I wish it would have a clearer camera. I would rather attach my GoPro, but that’s not an option
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Final Verdict

Honestly, for the price, you are not going to find something better. I didn’t even hesitate to purchase it because it was just $60. To me, that’s less than I spend on a week of dinners, so I knew this was going to give me enough enjoyment to justify the price. If faced with the decision again, I would buy this once more.

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